Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pan Seared Steak

I'm going to try and put pictures and a recipe here at least once a week.

This is probably the easiest, tastiest way to cook a steak. Even I can do it (and I don't cook meat well).

You need a good sized steak (at least an inch thick), canola oil and kosher salt and pepper.

Most importantly you need a cast iron skillet.
Heat your skillet in the oven at 500 degrees (yes that is right super hot). Bring steak to room temperature.

Remove the pan after it is smoking hot, and place on the stove on high heat. Coat the steak lightly in oil and season both sides with salt and pepper. Place the steak in the pan. Cook 1-2 minutes without moving it. Then turn it over with tongs and cook the other side for 1-2 minutes. Place the skillet in the super hot oven for 3 minutes a side.

Remove the steak from the pan, cover loosely with foil and rest for 2-5 minutes. You can put a little pat of butter on the steak while it rests if you like.

And that's it. I had a friend over who brought fresh from the farm steaks and he said when I cooked them this way, it was one of the best ways he had ever had a steak.

So if I can do it, so can you. Dan and I split one of these and now have the other one as leftovers. Steak may be expensive, but you don't need a lot when it tastes this good.

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  1. I so need a cast iron skillet. That is the one thing missing from my kitchen.