Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Lovely Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary. 23 years of being married to each other. In these times I think that is a great accomplishment. It seems even more poignant because some friends just announced they are getting a divorce.

I look back at our wedding pictures and we both look so much better than we did then. We certainly don't look 23 years older.

We aren't big celebrators but seem to go out to dinner for our anniversary. This year we went to the same restaurant as last year. Mainly because I had a groupon for it. But it was a very nice Italian meal. We had great conversations about everything. After that many years together, you can finish each others sentences and we do. I love that we have inside jokes about silly things. We quote movies all the time and I know people have to think we are crazy.

In two years I think we will have to do a trip to celebrate. I still remember when my parent's celebrated their 25th anniversary. They gave each other fancy watches. I have the one my mom received. And my brother will get the pocket watch that my dad received. For us travel is a big thing so I think a super special trip will be what we do. I'm thinking an Alaskan cruise with a week long tour of Alaska at the end sounds just about right.


  1. Happy Anniversary! 23 years is something to be proud of in this day. Treat yourself to a vacation, you deserve it and you will love Alaska!

  2. Most definitely. 23 years is a MAJOR accomplishment!

    Happy Anniversary!