Friday, July 29, 2011

Reality TV Roundup

One show is coming to a close so of course I have to start a new one. Here's this week's reality tv shows.

The Glee Project



A guilty pleasure of mine is watching Glee. I always wanted to be the kid in high school that could sing and dance so I live vicariously through these kids. And the Glee Project amps up Glee by putting real people through a very long audition process. The prize...a seven week stint on Glee as a guest. WOW that is an awesome prize. I have my favorite (Cameron) but I don't think he will win. My guess is Samuel will win.


So You Think You Can Dance

I haven't enjoyed this season as well as past ones. Maybe last year spoiled me because they were totally awesome and this year I really think there are a couple of outstanding dancers. Don't get me wrong, these people are talented. But they just don't have the spark quality. My bet is on Melanie to win this year. I liked her the minute I saw her audition.

Project Runway

OK new season just started this week. I love me some Tim Gunn. Not quite sure how I feel about any of the people just yet. Too many to start to pick a favorite. And with so many they only highlight the ones that are going to be in that week's top and bottom so someone in the middle may be good and we just don't get to hear from them for awhile. Right now I'm liking Bert, the old guy. Mainly because it takes some guts to get on a show like this when you are 57 (or 102 like he said) because it is grueling. Hopefully the challenges will get more interesting in the coming weeks. Of course if I had to use my pajamas to make something it might be interesting depending on the time of year.

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