Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cooking Show Overload

I love to watch cooking shows. I've gotten so many good recipes from these people. I've also gotten some not so good recipes but hey, its just one dish. But if you look at my scheduled recordings on tv, there are way too many of them. And now there is not one but two cooking competition shows. Oh my.

First is the Next Iron Chef-Super Chefs. It started Sunday. And it has some of my favorite celebrity chefs (love Anne Burrell personality but her dishes never seem to make me want to cook them). And Dan will watch this one since he likes the chef too and they aren't sniping at each other. They can cook and he likes that.

The other is Top Chef. Oh my, 29 contestants. Really? I realize that you taped it in Texas but that doesn't mean it had to be bigger. It starts tomorrow night and I know they cut it down to more manageable number. But wouldn't you hate to think you had a shot and then show up and immediately realize that a bunch of you were going home. These people do have to give up a lot to be on a show so at least give them a fair chance.

So add those to my already loaded schedule (thank goodness Project Runway ended so Thursday only has two shows) I'm going to be busy with my tv watching.

1 comment:

  1. I love Top Chef! But you are so right, 29 is wayyyyy to many.

    Can't wait for tomorrow. :) Thanks for the reminder.