Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fragments

It's time once again for Friday Fragments with Mrs.4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time. Also Follow Friday with Java at Never Growing Old.

Mommy's Idea

** Pumpkin bars were so tasty and I had a couple left to take home. Needless to say I have no more left after we devoured them last night.

** I'm really loving my new fall tv choices. Both Revenge and Person of Interest were really good this week with twists that weren't expected.

** We had our first frost this morning. I think it is safe to say we won't be getting to 100 degrees until next summer.

** Whitney enrolled for the spring semester and got all of the classes she wanted. How often does that happen for a freshman? Probably helps that she was there at 8:15 in the morning.

** She also got to go to a big lunch yesterday in downtown OKC and sat with people from the OKC Thunder. She actually volunteered to sit with them and I applaud her for that. You never know when meeting the right person at something like that lands you an internship or a job.

** I hear that there is some big football game tomorrow that is supposed to be the best game ever. Could you at least play the game before saying that. And I officially don't like either team but I dislike LSU so I'll say Roll Tide.

** I leave early Sunday morning for a research conference in Washington DC. There are two organizations that are for research administrators and I've never been to this one's conference. I've marked up my schedule of sessions and there seems to be a lot for me to attend. Here's hoping that I'm right.

** I'm glad that the snow for Washington DC was last weekend and not this weekend. I've been to DC too many times in ice/snow storms that I don't want to do that again.


  1. D. C. is one of my favorite areas in the states. It's a neat town...Love the Cherry Tree Blossom time in the Spring best.

    Pumpkin Bars? Someone on the FF meme mentioned Pumpkin Pumpkin Bars? Oh my. Yum to both.

    My Fragmental Friday Link

    Hope you have a quiet day for yourself this weekend. See y'over at my blog if you can find time.

  2. Your conference selection and your daughter's class selection - everyone getting what they want?
    I find DC a very interesting place to walk around.

  3. My brother lives in the DC area and so I've been able to spend a little bit of time there and I still don't feel like I've been able to see everything.

  4. Stopping by from Friday Fragments to say hi!

  5. We had our first frost the other morning. UGH. I need to organize our garage so I can start parking in there again.

    I am totally loving Revenge, and I just watched it on a whim not even thinking I would like it that much. So glad I did! Can't wait to watch this week's and see what that twist was!

  6. I am from Louisiana. Know what? I secretly don't like LSU either. Kinda arrogant, aren't they? But it's cool to be number one at something besides poverty, infant mortality, illiteracy, etc. Louisianans need something to keep 'em happy.

  7. If you LOVE defense, then MAYBE that game of which you speak was the "best ever" - - - but if are like me, and enjoy some OFFENSE at least once a quarter, it was just so-so.

    The Tide rolled - - - - over and played dead while LSU won.

  8. We got a pumpkin pudding cake we are working on this week. I watched that "Person of Interest" show too and liked it. DC does get some bad snowstorms. Our DC office got a lot a snow days last year.