Monday, November 28, 2011

Time to Catch Up

Four days off and so much is happening. Without a laptop and with the office having a guest stay in it, my access to computers was limited. So time to catch up in my life.

The house is all decorated for Christmas. Day one was all of the regular decorations. That went well without any problems. I thought I was missing things but it was ok, I was decorated. Well when I unpacked the tree decorations the next day I found what I was missing. So now everything is decorated. Putting the tree up though was full of problems. It is a pre-lit tree and three of the lowest branches were dark. I spent over an hour trying to figure out which light was the problem but couldn't figure it out. The whole tree was already put together. So I just took a regular string of lights and tried to wrap it around the branches best I could. And then moved those branches sort of towards the back. Then I bought a new tree topper and thought I was going to love it. Unfortunately I don't. It doesn't light up and I didn't think that would be a problem. But at night you can't see it at all. It was only $10 and we determined that we were going to buy a new tree for next year so I'll just get another topper then.

The turkey dinner turned out great. We didn't rush in the morning and we thought the dressing was going to be too moist, but it was perfect. And the leftovers were good to as was the turkey noodle soup we had last night. We get that again tonight, which is perfect since it is cold outside.

Movies watched...lots. We went and saw the Muppet Movie in a sold out theater. By the time we got there the only seats left were in the front. I guess I can put up with a crick in my neck watching those funny guys. Then we watched Elf, To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone With the Wind. The last two were for Whitney's history class. Add that to a bunch of football games and there wasn't a lot of time for other watching.

Black Friday shopping...didn't do. I'm not crazy. I don't need anything that bad nor do I spend that much money that anything looked like it would save me money. So total Christmas shopping done is zero. Which is fine. I usually shop online anymore and get free shipping. Why go out in the cold and then find out a store is out of something when I can shop and ship and never leave my house.

Walmart on a Saturday morning after Black Friday and the weather is cold/windy and there is a home football game...EMPTY!!!! Let me just say what a pleasant grocery shopping experience that was. I even had both girls and they shopped and I shopped and we each walked up to a check out lane without waiting. WOOHOO!!

Christmas music...playing on my computer and car radio station now constantly. 

Office...decorated for Christmas. 

While unpacking my Christmas stuff I found a lot of things I bought on superclearance last year. I had a lot of plastic bowls that have snowman on them. I probably spent ten cents on each of them and must have thought I would fill them with giveaway stuff. So now that I see those I think I know what I'm going to do. It does involve food but it is easy crockpot stuff and makes a ton so I think I'll fit my inexpensive but homemade criteria.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous 4 days off - and, as I said before, very similar. We have a pre lit tree too and we had two small areas that wouldn't light. The tree is only 3 years old and Dad was determined to fix it. I said don't worry about it, our ornaments will cover them up and presto! They did! Amazingly enough ALL of the outside lights worked and stayed lit. [unheard of usually] So we are a happy, decorated little world here too.

    Now I need to get to the Muppet Movie. Y'all [all my tadpoles] have seen it and I am so, so jealous. I am willing to pay the 12 bucks for a matinee to see it. That says something. heehee

    I am sad we are officially out of turkey. Now I have no clue what to make for dinner. :D

  2. Our Walmart was swept clean. Couldn't find anything I wanted by Sunday afternoon.... except my friend Bill (He works there part time)