Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dentist Freebies

So yesterday was my twice a year teeth cleaning. I'm pretty good about doing this especially since I have dental insurance. And you know they always give you a new toothbrush and a little tube of toothpaste. Well at checkout they have a huge basket of other goodies...chapstick, floss, different toothpastes, toothpicks, pocket calendars, etc. And then they have a basket of goodies in the bathroom including mouthwash. So I grabbed a six month supply of floss, toothpicks and a bunch of other things. I figure if I have to spend money there the least I can do is make sure and keep my teeth clean.

Oh who's kidding now. I just get the stuff because it is free. The keeping the teeth clean is a bonus.

And once again, no cavities. Thank goodness I have good teeth because I don't want to have gum disease, root canals or fillings.


  1. I like your dentist. I had a teeth cleaning last week and all I got was a tooth brush :(

  2. I spent close to 3 grand at my dentist and all I got was NOTHING. He only gives freebies at the regular cleanings...which without dental insurance is about $200! I think I deserve a handful of tooth brushes and a handful of toothpaste and a handful of floss.

    (I have a baby tooth that still needs $3 grand worth of work too...cap/crown)

    My fillings from when I was a kid were all worn and cracked and had problems and then I had a couple of new cavities. I think it was about the first time in over ten years that I had gone.