Thursday, November 10, 2011

Skunk Attack

So as my plane landed last night in Oklahoma City to end my roadtrip, the entire plane filled with skunk smell. I mean like when you run over a skunk in the road skunk smell. Everyone kept looking around and finally the flight attendant announced that yes it was the lovely aroma of a skunk. The pilot came on and said that we didn't hit the skunk. If we didn't hit it, why in the world would it be spraying itself on the middle of a runway? Were there other critters out there that it needed to tell get away from my turf? Maybe he thought the plane was invading his space.

The only good thing was thing is that it didn't permeate the luggage in the bottom. That would have been a mess.


  1. I just have to say that It's going to take forvever for the smell to get out of the re-conditioned air ducts on the plane.

    Not. Fun.

  2. I wonder, did someone smuggle a skunk on the plane. Skunks on a Plane!