Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fragments - 2012 Edition

So it is the first Friday of 2012 (well Thursday as I type but you get the point). And it is time to gather all the bits from my brain (because really that's all I have its bits) and put them together in one blog. Thank you Mrs. 4444 for hosting this.

Mommy's Idea

Why are short work weeks so rough? Granted I had an extra day off and I've not worked a full day yet but this is the pits. I couldn't believe how many emails I had on Tuesday. Guess everyone saved up questions until then and didn't just send them when they thought of them (like I do).

I hope this unseasonably warm weather continues through the weekend. We need to move Whitney back to her dorm and I really don't want to do it in 40 degrees. 60 is so much nicer. Even if it is windy.

I am constantly amazed at how many improvements there are in the medical field. I'm sure if Whitney had this surgery years ago she would have been swollen and had gauze packed in her nose. She looks perfectly normal and she has a couple tiny stitches that you can only see if you are looking up her nose. And really how many people do that? Especially when you are shorter than all of them.

While I was up at 3 am on Wednesday morning I did not go look for the meteor shower. Even if I had I wouldn't have seen it. I am a terrible space gazer.

I hate how a cold affects your taste buds. I got a really nice bottle of sparkling wine for Christmas and I still haven't been able to open it up because it won't taste right. Boo taste buds.

Now that I have my new dishwasher (yippee!) I need to move on and pick out new countertops and maybe a new stove. Then we may be done except for some painting in the house.

We are looking at taking an Alaska cruise/tour this summer. I love cruising and I figure it is the best way to see as much as possible in Alaska. I only plan on going there once so need to pack as much in as I can.


  1. That cruise sounds like a super idea.

    Tho, I think I would do the painting first...then get the new countertops and stuff afterward.


  2. I wish I could work half days. That would be perfect for me...

  3. I would love to do an Alaska cruise! Hope your cold gets better soon so you can enjoy that wine!

  4. Save that wine for a better will be worth the wait. And feel better soon.

  5. And here we are, hubs and I, hoping every single stinkin' day that some NORMAL cold winter weather will descend upon Wisconsin, which is like many other places unseasonably warm and snowless.

  6. Glad to hear Whitney is looking so good and not in any pain. We take Squirrel back tomorrow & are hoping the same thing weather wise, but honestly, it won't be bad if it is cold b/c she only has a few things - it isn't like we are moving her in. whew!

    Enjoy your trip. Be safe.

  7. VERY happy to hear that Whitney is doing well! And Alaska---ohhhh you're going to love it! Just be sure to pack an eye mask in case your hotel does not have blackout curtains, since the sun it out almost 24/7! ;)

  8. An Alaska cruise sounds splendid.