Thursday, January 19, 2012

TV Time

I haven't reviewed tv shows for awhile, so I figure I'll catch you up on what I'm watching. It's probably best to break them down as reality tv and scripted tv.

Reality TV

Top Chef - My money is on Paul right now to win it. He seems to be the most consistent chef. I really like Grayson but I'm afraid she is going to be soon departing.

Project Runway All Stars - So this just started and can I tell you I still have a Mondo crush. He is just so good. And can Rami have gained any more muscles. Why is it that men seem to be better designers for women than women do? The men are definitely stronger overall in this competition. I think women will be dropping like flies for a few weeks.

Script TV

Revenge - OK do I really have to wait until mid-February to continue this story. This is such a guilty pleasure show. Who doesn't love rich people getting it? They have more drama in this show than a daytime soap opera and at least it seems more feasible. Maybe not feasible but at least we don't spend three weeks having the same conversation.

Person of Interest - It is losing a little momentum probably because it has been off the air for a bit. It is definitely a show that makes you think. It is starting to go into the predictable stuff though. I'll know more after tonight's show.

Alcatraz - Did anybody watch this on Monday night? I'm hooked. I stayed up until 11:30 watching it on the dvr because I just couldn't turn it off. I never watched Lost but I've read it has a lot of similarities to it. And the number of stories could be endless since there were 300+ people who disappeared. Way to make it so you can be on the air for a few years.

Glee - It is about to "jump the shark" I'm afraid. And just when Dan started to follow the stories. It is becoming more and more unbelievable. I think I'm just watching for the musical numbers.

So what's coming up in the spring for tv? The Voice will be back. I may skip it though because once they got out of the blind auditions I didn't like it. How about Smash? That could give me my musical numbers with a more believable story. GCB has Kristen Chenowith in it and could be funny or it could bomb. And a title that they had to shorten to initials because it was "offensive" (not my word).

I'm open to other ideas if you have them. As you can see I tend more towards dramas that make you think and reality shows that people actually are on because they have some kind of talent.


  1. For me it is Austin Scarlett. Love him! And you are so right about the women on PR. I was so glad they voted Sweet Pea off - not only because she is a horrendous designer/seamstress, but her name is insipid. At least Austin COULD have been born with that name.

    I don't watch any of the other shows you watch. We did watch Glee for a long time, but then it got so repetitive we gave up. We seem to find a lot of popular shows on TV seem to be based on one formula and it gets old.


  2. I have enjoyed "Unforgettable", especially when I found out that her condition is a real one. And I like "Castle" a mystery drama with a twist.

  3. Castle is one of the best shows, I think. As far as comedy it is hands down Mike and Molly in our house.

    As for "reality" TV... my addiction for Sister Wives runs deep.

  4. I'm not a big TV watcher, but as a Lost fanatic, I had to watch Alcatraz. I was not disappointed.