Sunday, January 1, 2012

Things that make you think

Why does everyone make a big deal about the year changing? Isn't this the first of the month just like any other first of a month? The only thing to remember is to change the year on the infrequent checks I write.

Why do people call for a new beginning? Isn't that the very definition of the word beginning? Is there such a thing as old beginnings?

Why do people make resolutions when they know they are going to break them? Why are they always the same ones?

As you can see today is a day of questions. It also was a day of taking all the Christmas stuff down and rearranging the furniture. I also realize that I am a terrible decorator. Thank goodness I can leave my snowmen out for another month or so otherwise the house would be bare.


  1. For years I actually was sad to see another year go by. Why are we always so content with wishing our lives away? I understand that people just want to leave tough years behind, but I do that on a daily basis.

    Every night when I go to bed, I think, "Tomorrow will be better".

    Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

  2. I'm leaving my decorative snowmen out too :) Now I just need some actual snow on the ground lol

  3. Isn't it funny how putting things back in order just feels good? :) Happy New Year Tracy!