Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

I was very productive this weekend which is somewhat unusual. Saturday I started off on a massive cleaning spree. We had bought some wood cleaner while at the Home and Garden show to try and clean off the 18+ years of gunky buildup on the kitchen cabinets. I decided to go ahead and start cleaning them this weekend. This stuff works the best of anything we've tried. I probably need to go over some of the stubborn places again but you can definitely see the difference. The cabinets look so much lighter. That was a two day project to get everything done in the kitchen. I also finally did the touch up paint in our bathroom. Somehow our painter missed this huge spot on a little wall and I didn't notice it until six months after he painted. What does that say about me? Anyway I got it painted.

The big purchase was a new ipad. I'm not sure if I like it though. I really wanted something that I could zoom in enough so I could read it without glasses. If I'm on the regular internet I can zoom all I want. But I've found that apps like facebook can't be blown up. So what good is that if I can't read them. I tried to do facetime with Whitney last night but we couldn't connect. Neither of us can figure it out either.

So I need to decide to either keep the ipad or return it and get a laptop. I know I can zoom everything on it.


  1. I used wood cleaner on an old door, and it looks new now. A little bit of brass cleaner, and it will really look great.

  2. Or you could get a pair of glasses so you could see it? Would that help?

    Pooldad had perfect eyesight for 50 years, but some things wear out with age and now he needs glasses to work on his computer. He looks gorgeous in them. I wish I had gotten them for him sooner. hee

  3. The issue I think I would have with an iPad is the fingerprints on the screen. That would drive me nuts!

  4. I'm not an ipad fan. I love my laptop, and my kindle fire though.

    A good cleaner is hard to find. And I hear ya on the cabinet gunk... how does it all get on there anyway?

  5. I love my ipad. I can zoom in on facebook. I know there are a couple of ways to access it so maybe its the app. I'm so spoiled from the zooming in though that I think my eyesight has worsened for regular reading. I need it all large print now!