Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Saga Continues

I've posted multiple times about my problems with my local hospital not honoring their contract with my insurance company for an ambulance ride in April 2010. We've gone round and round about it. I thought it was cleared up in November when the hospital agreed to write it off. I even have the name of the person at the hospital who said (as does the insurance company). And yet on Christmas Eve (Merry Christmas) the hospital called "as a courtesy" to let me know they were turning it over to a collection agency. They don't have any record of Stacy in the Insurance Office agreeing to the write off.

So back to my insurance company I called. You know Christmas is always a good time to try and resolve this stuff. My insurance company has been great. They tried to call the hospital. Of course they never answer their phones and it goes to voicemail after about 2 minutes. Insurance leaves a message. Hospital never calls back.

So yesterday in the mail I got a notice from a collection agency saying I have 30 days. I will be sending them a letter to say the debt is invalid. I called the insurance company this morning and they tried calling the hospital again. Gee...no answer and got voicemail. Another message has been left.

Dan thinks we should go sit in the business office until someone there talks to the insurance company and gets this taken care of. I had originally said no but I am afraid this is the only way it will get done. I wonder if I get to charge the hospital for all the time I have spent on this.

Because this is absolutely ridiculous.


It looks like it has all been cleared up. Now waiting for my copies to show zero balance and also making sure collection company knows this too. I need a vacation from all this crap.


  1. I hate to say it, but I think your only answer is to sit there in the office until it is resolved. It is ridiculous and a waste of your time but nobody pays attention to a voicemail. But put a stressed out, frazzled woman in the waiting room .......
    Good luck

  2. I second it. Go sit in the office until someone gives you a piece of paper with their signature saying it is a write off. Then send that to the collection agency.

    Someone in the billing office is a greedy lil' punk and is not paying attention. Good luck.

  3. Hmmm. First, get the letters and if you can have them email you a copy so you can get it right away.

    Then go to the collection agency with it.

    Then in another two months, pull your credit report just to be sure it never showed up there. Trust me, you'll be glad you did this, things like this get mistakenly on the reports all the time.

    And if they don't take care of this like they say they have, call the local media or the paper. Bad press is the kiss of death for these people.

    Good luck.