Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Surgery Day

Surgery is at 1pm. We have to be there at 11 am. Why I have no idea? We've already filled out paperwork about three times. Then I don't understand why you can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight for an afternoon surgery when they say the same thing if your surgery is at 8 am. This is the stupid part about generalizations. They make no sense.

I've got my book to read while waiting (they said 3 1/2 hour surgery which I think it can't be that long).

Hopefully we'll be done and home in time for dinner and Whitney will feel like eating something. Of course we have ice cream because you can't have surgery without ice cream.


  1. I missed the post where you said what the surgery is for but I was told that no solids 4 hours before surgery time. No liquids 2 hours before surgery time. (But there is more to that so don't take my word on it)

    They will re-ask you super important questions like if you have any new tattoos or piercings and whatnot. They asked the same questions of my four year old son.

    They try to book the OR for the maximum amount of time which may be needed. Recently they told me that Joey would need an hour for a surgery that only took about thirty minutes. HOWEVER, another time I was told two hours and it took about 3 1/2 so *eye roll* Yikes! Huh~

    Best wishes and loads of prayers for you.

  2. Wow - only 2 hours early. You got it good. I have had family members that had to be there 6 to 8 hours early. Those were heart and lung surgeries tho'. What is it about the surgery wing - it is always SO cold. I hated waiting in there. [I do know the answer. It's rhetorical.heehee]

    I think your wait is so if one or two people are late [traffic, car problems] it doesn't cause a huge snafu in the scheduling.

    Enjoy your book and quiet time. Good thoughts that it all comes out great!

  3. Well, according to my calculations, surgery would be in progress as I type this. Here's wishing all goes smoothly!

  4. I hope everything went as planned with no complications. You both are in my thoughts and I completely agree, ice cream cures all!

  5. Good luck to you! I hope you have an uneventful easy recovery. It seems that whenever I have gone in for any kind of surgery, I have had more of a recovery than I had predicted. Take care of yourself!

  6. We keep the surgery suites cooler because they don't want any sweating by the OR team as they concentrate and work hard, plus all that ventilation--is a must. The no eating/drinking is because post-surgery, the anesthesia gives most people terrible constipation, and during the surgery you could throw up and have a bad time of it. The reason they have you there early is to triple check your info (you wouldn't BELIEVE how many patients lie, 'forget' to mention something, or have inconsistent info about critical medical history! and because the previous surgeries might go more quickly than others. Plus, if you're a patient who has difficult vascular access for the IV, they might need to call up specialists--like they have to do for me and my 'elf-in' veins (I know, too much info, but there you have it...tales from too many ORs...) ;)