Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blazer ceremony

Several months ago I talked about Whitney's blazer for her scholarship. Yesterday they had the official ceremony to give the freshman class their blazers. It was very nice. There are about 13 kids and quite a few parents came. The president of the university was their along with the business dean. Three people from Chesapeake Energy were also there. They asked the parents to talk about what the scholarship and OCU meant to them and one thing was consistent...we all love both. I'm sure that Chesapeake knows that we are grateful but it certainly is nice to hear it.
Whitney with the Dean and President

Proud Parents

The students with their mentors
The official uniform is the blazer, white blouse, gray slacks or skirt. The boys are supposed to wear a tie and were even given the official "Chesapeake" tie at an earlier meeting.


  1. Congrats to Whitney. And her proud parents!

  2. Congratulations to Whitney, your hard work is paying off.