Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rambling Time

My mind just is in a rambling mood today. Can't focus on one thing at all. Got news at church that upset me and I don't know what to do. Guess I'll give it a few weeks and then make a decision.

When I was grocery shopping all I wanted to find was chicken sausage. How hard was that? Went to two stores and nothing. Then I wanted grated parmesan cheese. The store I buy that at was out and when I asked do they even make it anymore the girl at the cheese counter looked at me like I was crazy. Please, if you have a cheese counter, make sure the people working there know cheese.

Tonight we'll be trying a new recipe. Well a recipe we tried in 1996 and wrote that we loved it and haven't made it since. Yes, we are bad about that. I'm sure we'll love it this time and hope to not wait 16 years to make it again.

Being home for a week made me look at all the walls closely and notice all the little spots that didn't get painted. Guess we'll be having a paint party where we bring out all our paint cans and go around dotting the walls.

My new dishwasher is so much quieter than the old one. We didn't even have to change the volume on the tv when it was washing. We do have to get used to opening it however. It doesn't really have a latch so you sort of yank on it in one place.

Cooler weather today means that I want to cook. Oh how I've missed saying that. We are talking about trying new things so I hope we can really do that. Last time we found out we liked fennel.


  1. And now I really want to know what you made for dinner.

    Seriously. I'm out of ideas. The kids had fudgcicles for dinner.

  2. I had never heard of chicken sausage until I saw my friend's recipe a few weeks back. OMG it looks so good. I got a new chopper/cuisinart thingy for Christmas so I am going to make it soon.

    I have a breakfast casserole I bet you all would like that I ought to send you. You can also have it for dinner and it is easy, but delicious.

    And out of parmesan cheese - that is ridiculous.

    We are having leftovers tonight. We have a bunch, so it will be mish mash of stuff. But I have had nights like Jules and we have had ice cream. giggle

  3. Yeah, what did you make? You can always find chicken sausage at Trader Joes.