Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truth is Thursday

One of my favorite bloggers hosts Truth is Thursday. Love you Julianna. Go over to her blog Surviving Boys and check her out.

Truth is I got confused on days and wondered why her post was today when I thought it was Friday. Then I wondered why I didn't see any Friday Fragments posts. I soon realized that it was Thursday and not Friday. Big disappointment here.

Truth is I want it to rain like it did the other night every night for about a month. I don't care if that means mud everywhere, I just want rain.

Truth is I need to find some new luggage to buy so we can take two big suitcases on the cruise instead of lots of small ones. I haven't bought luggage in probably 20 years so there is all sorts of choice out there and I have no clue what to do.

Truth is we have cooked a couple of times this week and now have so many leftovers that my attempt to clean out the freezer has been thwarted by different containers of food. I did enjoy a $55 walmart bill last week though so I guess it has its benefits.

Truth is I want someone to invent room in a bag because I stink at decorating. If someone would just put it all together I would buy the big package and look like I know what I am doing.


  1. I hate when you think it's one day when it's really not....I once thought for a whole year I was 36 and was shocked when I found out I was really 37!! lol! Do you have a TJ MAxx by you they have amazing prices on luggage! Have a wonderful day.

  2. I tend to wish it was Friday all week and then by the time Friday rolls around it is not nearly as exciting as it should be. If you can find luggage that stands out. Mine for example is lime green... no one ever thinks it is theirs!

  3. Lol. I hate it when I get the days mixed up. It throws me off all the rest of the day.

  4. I love the "room in a bag" idea. You create it and I will be first in line to buy 8 for our home. [Brilliant idea actually. hee]

    I need to go do my "TIT" too, but meh - not feeling it. We actually have the rain you need/want and it is such a great day to just hunker down under the quilts and do nothing. But I will try and send some of this your way.

    Hint for luggage - we went to our local outlet mall and bought a really nice set [with wheels no less-LOVE] and it wasn't too expensive, it is incredibly durable and it had a great warranty on it. It beat buying it from JCPenny's or WalMart because we really needed the help from the sales guy. 9 years later and it still looks brand new. Good luck.

  5. Like your last one! Wouldn't that be nice?

  6. I got my luggage from Burlington Coat Factory, actually 99% of their stuff is not coats. I like soft sides with wheels, and of course a pop up handle.

  7. I think TJ Maxx is a great idea or sometimes you can get a great deal at one of those luggage stores. I personally am looking for luggage with the spinning wheels. They stay standing up and you can spin them in any direction.

  8. Kohls also has good luggage. I spent the money on American Tourister and it was a giant waste of money. Tony has ones from Walmart and they have lasted mush longer.

    I got all excited when I realized that Lazy Boy would come to my house, put all my furniture choices in the room, work with existing pieces, and pick a color pallet, FOR FREE!

    Now. If I could only afford the couches.....