Friday, June 10, 2011

I Can't Post Comments

For some stupid reason I can't get my google account to log in and post comments on anyone's blogs. And I want to. I need to give words of encouragement to Sarah (please know I am thinking of you). I love the Brazil pictures over at GB. There was a delicious snickerdoodle cake on a blog. And I am always humored over at Pampers/Pinot. So for a week I have not been able to comment. Everything is bottled up inside. People probably think I don't care. And I do care. I just can't figure out a way to show it.


  1. Tracy,
    Blogger has been playing up for a little while for me too.
    Had to change browser.
    I am now using Google Chrome


  2. Tracy, there is a glitch with blogger. Someone else posted this so I am passing the information to fix it to you! When you log into blogger, unclick the "keep me signed in" button. Then log in. For some reason it is messing with leaving comments. I had the same problem till I did this. It now works!

  3. Tare,

    THANK YOU! It works now.