Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laptop for College

For Whitney's graduation, we said we would buy her a laptop. Rather than pick one out, we were going to let her choose up to an amount that I knew we could buy a really good one. Well she decided she wanted a Macbook. Since that was more than we wanted to spend, she had to use some of her graduation money to pay the difference. After much discussion, she decided on a Macbook Pro. They were clearancing an older model at my university, so she got a good deal on it. Yesterday it came and she immediately was giddy with excitement. We figured out how to turn it on (I have to say that we are a total PC family so Macs are foreign to us). We also figured out how to connect to our wireless network. I still need to install software and figure out how to move all her music/photos/documents from her old computer.

Her quote last night was "I don't know how to use this thing." I figure she has two months to figure it all out. I will be of no use to her on that one.

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  1. My fiance has a macbook pro. I'm a PC user myself, but I have been contemplating whether I want to buy a Mac or not. They are just so expensive!!