Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Signing Bonus

I was asked today if we can do "signing bonuses" for new hires. Really? We aren't a professional sports team. We are a university. Where people are usually happy just to have a job. I know that they are really trying to hire this person, but I can tell already that he is going to be a PAIN. No I don't know what his net pay will be. No you can't offer more than anyone else is making with the same level of degree. If this guy is so good, does he have any other job offers? I didn't think so. He should be greatful to get a job working at this place which does look good on anyone's resume.


  1. WOW! I don't think I'd ever had the GUTS to ask that!
    I'm curious about the age of this person. Is he older or younger?
    I've been amazed at the expectations of a few recent hires I've encounter (all are fairly young). I wonder if there's a generational shift in thinking.

  2. Probably late 20's. I just found out that the federal government can give out these bonuses in certain circumstances. I think that says a lot about why we are so far in debt. Doing stupid things like that.