Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Week in Review (And yes I know it is Thursday)

I figured I would get my reality tv review in early eventhough the So You Think You Can Dance results show is tonight.

The Voice

Well we all know who is going to win this one. It was pretty obvious from day 1 that Javier had it in the bag. And yes he is that good. For the semi-finals, I think Cee-Lo had the strongest team. Either of his members would be good in the finals. I personally find Beverly's WOOOOO in every song annoying. The judges all wimped out except for Adam awarding equal points to each of their singers and leaving it up to America. Hey, isn't that what next week is for. Thank you Adam for making a statement and actually doing your job.

They are holding auditions for season 2. I will not be auditioning since I cannot sing. A blind audition would not help me at all.

So You Think You Can Dance

Week two brings us all 20 dancers again in the same partnerships as last week. And another guest judge, Debbie Reynolds. I understand she was a dancer a long time ago, but please bring back rotating GOOD judges who can actually comment on the dancers constructively. I really didn't need a Woody Woodpecker impression or telling the dancers that I want to take you home with me. Really, I can do a better job than that. There were not any real standout dances last night. And finally we showed the first cracking of a dancer in a different genre. Four dancers go home tonight. Last week I was so wrong about the bottom 3. I didn't like Sasha/Alexander. I think Clarice/Jess didn't do well. Wadi was terrible at the cha-cha although his partner did very well at it. Of course, I don't really like his partner so she could go home. I thought Tadd did an awesome job at the Viennese Waltz (I'm sure he has taken classes other than his freestyle B-Boy stuff). Also Miranda/Robert did a really good hip hop number. They were in the bottom last week, maybe because of his Wooing. He didn't do that this week so hopefully that will keep them out of the bottom. Iveta/Nick weren't that great but I find it hard to believe that the judges would send the only ballroom/tap dancers home. So if they are in the bottom, sorry for the other couples, you are gone.

So we can see how my predictions do tonight.

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