Friday, June 17, 2011

Reality TV - The Week in Review

OK I'm a reality tv junkie. I admit I have a problem. I am selective, but when I decide to watch something, I watch it from beginning to end.

The Voice

We had to watch this one online because of the storm Tuesday night. I admit the best part of a DVR is skipping commercials. We had the same stupid Latisse commercial 10 times online. OK for the show they announced the two "saves" for teams Blake and Christina. Christina did not suprise me at all. Blake...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?! The viewer one was fine, but Blake chose Xenia, who shouldn't have even made it to that round. Maybe he thinks this is "The Voice Who I Can Mold and Needs Me the Most". Terrible choice and there is no way anyone from his team will win.

We had performances from Teams Cee-Lo and Adam. Cee-Lo decided that his singers really needed some backup talent/fire twirlers/dancers. Very distracting there. Maybe that was to mask the bad song choices. Hopefully Cee-Lo won't make the same mistake Blake did and pick the sister group. Yikes.I'm sure the viewers will pick Nakia, who is pretty awesome.  Adam had a much better team to start with. He may have a tough decision ahead. It was unfortunate that Javier sang that song that plays during the dog/cat commercial about animal shelters. We couldn't even watch it it is so depressing.

Not sure what next week brings but I saw that there is two shows.

Top Chef Masters

It was the season finale of this show. Three very talented accomplished chefs cooking the best meal of their lives. Sometimes this seems like odd choices. The first season where Rick Bayless won has to be the best cohesive meal I think. Floyd won, a very nice man. Of course I was hoping Mary Sue would win because her food seems the most approachable to me. Plus I remember watching her on Two Hot Tamales years ago.

So You Think You Can Dance

Thank goodness that the best "talent" show is back on the air. I so love watching good dancing. And boy the talent just keeps getting better each year. The performers really got to stick with their normal genre except for a few. I think that helped because people could see how good they really are, instead of having to do something so outside what they normally do and screwing up. I was really wrong about who America would vote into the bottom three. None of the ones that I thought deserved to be there were in the bottom. And then they had these breathtaking solos to stay on the show. How could anyone choose to send someone home? The judges even had two of the boys do it again so they could pick.

And then the biggest cop out of the year when they decided not to send anyone home. Two couples will go home next week. Personally I think that they didn't want to send any of those dancers home because they didn't like how America voted. I think that there were weaker dancers safe and they wanted to give America another chance to get it right. I hope that next week they make people go outside their comfort zone and then we'll be able to see how they do.

The group dance was pretty awesome I have to say too.

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