Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blazers and nice clothes

I got a panicked email from Whitney last night. Seems her scholarship (sponsored by a huge energy company) likes their kids to have matching outfits. They are ordering Brooks Brothers blazers for them. I looked at the price and realized that I haven't spent that much money on clothes for myself in a year and she is getting one for free. Of course I had to explain what a blazer is (she is a tshirt/jeans kind of gal). And then the panic set in. What size do we order? I don't want to get the wrong one and then have to PAY for another one. Luckily I just got off the phone and was told that if they order a size and it doesn't fit, they will return it and get the right size. Phew, I was afraid they were going to have it embroidered already with the company's name.

I think this is the blazer - $348
So now when she comes home this weekend, we have to go find a light gray skirt/pants and a white button shirt to wear with the free blazer. It's costing me money, but not nearly as much as a blazer would.

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  1. That reminds me of my first job after I graduated. The company I was going to work for called and asked what size blazer I needed, because everyone got a matching navy one to wear to the national sales meetings. (Why? Who knows!)
    Anyway, I was Super Seamstress in college, and made ALL of my clothes. I seriously didn't know what size I wore in ready-to-wear. I even made the suits (yes, I had a couple of blazers I had made) I interviewed in.
    The lady with the company thought I was a freak. I had to go to the mall and try something on and call her back.
    I don't think I ever actually wore that awful thing, because it showed up in all it's double-knit glory with really, really wide lapels (when they weren't in!).