Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - A Year In Review

I've seen this on a few blogs so decided to join the party. Here's what my year was All blogs are linked.

I compared Disneyland and DisneyWorld after our recent vacation, showed off my excessive collection of Smore ornaments, relayed my love of James Bond, and brought light to the most optimistic man in the world.

This was quite a month of weather for us. There were several posts about our snow adventure (that never seemed to end), the Puppy Bowl,  Senior night for Whitney, my collection of gifts, and the dancing panda of Norman.

Everyone learned what I want to be when I grow up, expensive wine, the big interview, and Frankenstein.

This was a renovation month, scholarship news, extreme couponing, fear of dentists, my big award and the beginning of my tv reviews.

It was all about Whitney: Prom, graduation, craft day. We also had tornadoes, and my sister in-law's adoption story.

I had more tv reviews, Whitney's final dance recital, hailstorms, big wine review, my love for Whitney's new college, and the beginning of our hottest summer ever.

We lost our front tree, more heat, travelling geese, and the dorm was assigned.

Whitney went packed up and went off to college and got some fancy clothes, and it finally rained.

Football season brought us ugly uniforms, my first blog award, working with great people, fall tv viewing, and our first visit to see Whitney in college.

Dan and I took a weekend get-away, airport waiting, and I posted our awesome chili recipe.

We had an earthquake, I went to Washington DC for work, I learned a lesson in ergonomics, and actually went to see The Muppet Movie.

We see what carpet pooling can do, learned how to cook lasagna noodles, figuring out how to be weather ready, I told you what should be banned (and you weighed in too), and I showed more of my snowman addiction.

And so we end the year with a windy day here in Oklahoma (not unusual). The weather is in the 60's and sunny. I wish all of you a good end to 2011 and health and happiness in 2012.


  1. I love these posts, especailly when I haven't been reading them long, it makes it so easy to go back and catch up. :)

    Enoy 2012!