Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Craft

While Whitney was home for spring break, we had to make a craft. It has to be easy to make and not cost too much. I had seen this one on The Chew on Clinton's Craft Corner and it looked just like what we could handle.

All of the supplies could be found at a hobby store and the home improvement store.

Ink Dye Coasters

You need this to make them

White tiles (88 cents each)
Rubbing alcohol (in my bathroom so free)
Alcohol ink ($9.99 for three colors)
Sealant spray ($6.00)
Felt circles ($2.99)

Clean the surface of tile with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. Do not remove all the alcohol, you need it for the next step.

Drip the ink on the tile in random fashion. You can overlap colors. The amount of alcohol you have on the tile will determine the amount of spread your ink will have.

Let the ink dry completely. Then spray with sealant if you want. Put felt circles on the bottom so the tiles won't scrape furniture when being used.

That's it. Each coaster will be different which makes this a neat craft. You can paint the sides of the coaster to cover up runs and the white part of the tile. I would recommend this because ours look a little sloppy.

This was a fun craft to make. We hardly used any ink so we will be able to make lots of these. I see Christmas presents in the future.


  1. Those are really cute! Love the design that turned out on them. The special ed class at one of my schools did something similar but used wallpaper on the tiles.

  2. They are really cute, but do they actually absorb the water from the glasses, or does it just run off? We tend to buy the expensive coasters that actually absorb the condensation because it is so tiresome to have the water from your glass just sit on the coaster or run off onto your furniture.... Egads.

  3. I love these! Really cute! Look at you, getting your crafty on! :)

  4. The coasters are so cute, I can't wait to try it myself!

  5. What a fun spring break craft. Very cute and colorful.