Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Yo-Yo

I remember as a kid being fascinated by yo-yos. A talented person could make it do tricks. I tried and tried but I could barely make it go up and done a couple of times. Forget about tricks. I would wrap the string around and wham it wouldn't even stay wrapped.

You know life can be like a yo-yo. It can feel like we have a string attached to us and as soon as we get going, the string yanks us back to the place we were getting away from. How do we stop that from happening? Well we can sort of do like I did when I couldn't make the yo-yo work when younger. Don't wrap the string so tightly around us, don't let someone have control over us, don't accept that we don't have control.

You can break the yo-yo cycle.


  1. Nice little life lesson from the yo-yo. The prblem is that we actually don't have as much cntrol as we would like, nor can we get it. Some things yes, somethings no.

  2. Good advice! I never was very good with yo-yos either!

  3. I LOVED my Yo-Yo ! I could do "Around the world", "Walk the dog", and a few other ones that I do not know the names. I remember getting one that lit up once too!

    Great memories!

    visiting from A~Z