Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sea Lime

Today's story is about the most amazingly funny thing I've ever said. Well I found it to be the funniest thing. In fact I literally laughed for two hours crying because it was so funny. And Dan and Whitney just kept staring at me. To this day I laugh when I think about it. And it has been years since I came up with it.

The story starts when we went on a vacation to Vancouver Island several years ago. Whitney was still in high school and we had free plane tickets from a previous trip when we got bumped from the flight. We picked the farthest we could fly away from here where it might be cool in the summer. Canada here we came.

So we were out on Vancouver Island in a little town called Ucluelet. A very quaint little town if anyone wants to visit. We rented a three story condo that was the best place I think we've stayed in for a vacation. One day we went down to the beach and took a hike. They had pamphlets about the different sea life. One of the things they talked about was sea lemons.

Well I got going on word associations and wondered out loud well that seemed just wrong that they were singling out the sea lemons. What about the sea limes? And at that point I just lost it. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Cried until my sides hurt. And just when you thought I would stop, I would start all up again. Every day of that vacation I would laugh about the sea limes.

Now there is no such thing as a sea lime. I made it up. But I think that is just wrong. There should be sea limes. So of course I googled it and the closest I could come was the sea lime house in Grand Cayman.

But it just isn't the same thing. 

So if anyone asks you about sea lemons, you must ask about sea limes. And if you do, tell me. I'll get the giggles about it.


  1. Got it. Next question for the Mystic Aquarium... I'm on it. :)

    Although I prefer my limes BY the sea, in a fruity drink.

  2. Thanks for the laugh today...I needed it! :)