Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Grand Cayman Islands

Oh the Grand Cayman I would love to see you. You see, we've tried twice now and haven't been successful either time.

First time was our first cruise out of Galveston. On the day the cruise normally stopped at the Caymans, it was Christmas. And darned if the whole dock closed for Christmas. So instead we spent the day in Mexico on a little beach that really was nice.

Second time we tried was another cruise. This one was scheduled for the Caymans. I had our excursion all laid out. We were going to swimming with the stingrays (which is what most people seem to do when there). Instead the seas were rough and only two ships got to dock. It was too rocky to do tender boats. So we saw the island from a distance and the beautiful clear waters around the beach were all we saw. We spent the day lazily sailing to Mexico for our next stop.
This should have been my view

So now I would really like to go there. But I'm afraid that if I try for a third time something horrible will happen. I may just have to admit my defeat and go to other islands.


  1. Or, fly! CH's aunt & uncle used to spend Thanksgiving there, but they always flew.