Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Door

It finally happened! I got my new door installed.

My back door has been replaced once already. Our house settles and then we have rain runoff that makes the wood rot. And for the last year I've had a gap at the bottom that you could see through and feel the breeze. In the winter I would put a towel at the bottom to try and keep the snow from coming in when we would get it. Finally we decided enough was enough and went to Lowe's to buy the door.
We picked out a door that had the blind built into the window so it wouldn't bang around when we open and close the door. And since we were already upgrading that, we chose to get it painted and stained the way we wanted. So this was not a cheap fix.

It took five tries to get the door installed. Why you ask? Because we had to reschedule it that many times. Between having meetings come up or the installer being late to our house that we had to leave to it raining for five minutes when he was supposed to be at the house it was a never ending cycle of rescheduling. Finally we had a sunny day and yes I did end up taking off work 3 hours (because he was an hour an half late to install the door) but it is in.

Look at that big hole in the wall.

And there it is. We got new doorknob/locks but unfortunately we didn't buy the kind that easily rekeys with the new lock we got for the front door. So now we have two different keys. Guess I could call a locksmith to come over and take care of that problem. I'll add it to my huge list of house projects.

Of course less than a week after it was installed it started to warm up and the door sticks. We will have to have the installer come back out and readjust it.


  1. Yay for a new door! Enjoy your weekend, Tracy!

  2. Ha! I was just going to say (word for word) what April said!!!
    How weird is it to see that hole in your house, even though you know it's just for a little bit? When we got new windows a few years ago, it was so weird when they took the old ones out!

  3. Thank you for stopping by!! I'm going to be following you now. I was glad to hear about your door but I really loved those coasters!

  4. Uh-oh! What bad luck you’ve been having with your doors! I’m so sorry to hear that. I totally appreciate the importance of a really secure front door. It’s your home’s first line of defense, after all. I do hope that the builder can figure out what’s going on with your doorway so he can fix it right away. You might want to have the area around your front door checked for where the rain falls as well, so that the rainwater doesn’t stay and rot the wood anymore.

    - Terry Arnold

  5. What a project this has been for you. I imagine when it is finally done it will be a huge relief. I am talking about it not sticking and the locksmith keying it...

  6. Any updates on your door situation yet? I hope you don’t have to replace the entire door again, but just in case you do have to, I would suggest picking one that’s weather-proofed. You mentioned that rain rotted the wood of your previous door, and while we can’t predict the weather, we could prevent the same thing from happening to your new door. I also agree with Terry regarding rain-proofing the area around your door would keep the wood safe from water that lingers.

    ~ Danielle Bailey ~

  7. Woah! I hope you got some better shots of your new door. Well, I bet it’s a splendid door! Having a glass door is one of the smartest ideas to bring in more natural light, and I hope that’s true to your place. Anyway, I love your blog and how you finished your A to Z challenge. :)

    -^ Sharron Folkes ^-