Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Very

Very. That's a word that we use often to describe something. Very pretty. Very nice. Very sad.

I'm VERY sorry about yesterday's umbrella post. I didn't have my U post written and then I went to a conference for a couple of days and wham, it was time for the U post. Yikes. And I couldn't figure out how to add anything to it since I was using my ipad.

I'm VERY happy that it has been raining this month. The water levels are up in the lake that supplies are city with water. Maybe if it keeps raining we will get back to normal.

I'm VERY excited that the A-Z challenge is coming to a close. This last week is full of hard letters.


  1. The challenge has been fun, and I've learned a bit about the Small Town that I didn't know or had forgotten about! It will be nice to have to think too much, though!

  2. I'm VERY worried about W, X, Y, Z

  3. I am Very glad this challenge is almost over. I am so tired.