Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fragments

Joining up for another edition of fragments. You know those little bits that aren't enough to write a whole blog post on. Yeah those things.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I actually grabbed the new button this week for fragments. Pretty cool right.

I saw someone using a payphone at 7/11 this week. First of all I didn't realize they still existed. Second of all I wonder how much a call costs.

Stupid criminal this week was a lady who was in a small fender bender. She was acting funny when the police arrived. They found a list in her car: chicken breast, milk, Xanax, cocaine, get high. Funny how when making a list, you have to add that. Needless to say the "get high" is what go her in trouble since she was high during the accident. Guess the lesson is don't write that down and don't get high and drive.

Picking up Whitney today at college for her to come home for the whole summer. Where does the time go? The weather at least isn't going to be hot like it was when we took her up in August.

And speaking of Whitney, time for me to brag. She was selected to be a co-Chair for Relay for Life at her college next year. So proud of her and her willingness to serve. She is going to do a great job.


  1. OK....I laughed out loud at that list! She can't remember to get high? Sure evidence that drugs fry your brain....of course, I don't know what my excuse is!

    Proud of your daughter!!

  2. Amazing there are actually payphones still around in places... I do wonder how much a call costs from one of those, too!

    I totally cracked up over the stupid criminal - she had to put on her list to get high? Crazy.

    Yay for picking your daughter up from college for the summer - and kudos to her being selected as a co-Chair for Relay for Life!

    Happy Mother's Day! :)

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  3. Up until about 2-3 months ago there was a payphone in the Sears store nearby. The sticker on the front stated that all calls are only 25 cents per minute. Local, in state, out of state.

  4. The lady with the list is very well prepared, except for car accidents! I hope she put those chicken breasts in the fridge before buying the coke and getting high. Otherwise the whole day was ruined!

  5. We were talking about payphones recently, and their near non-existence. I guess it's good there's still a few around. Enjoy having your daughter home for the summer! Happy Mother's Day : )