Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Busy weekend here. First we picked up Whitney on Friday. Poor thing was sick and couldn't help at all. So I packed and Dan moved stuff to the cars. Thank goodness the weather was nice. Then she tried to get a vacuum from the RA and waited an hour and it never was returned. The RA was nice enough to check us out without vacuuming. Then the massive unloading of cars when we got home. We learned our lesson from last year and went in stages. Packed boxes that were just going into the attic. And by Sunday all I had left was to wash her comforter and put the bedding in the attic and we were done. Phew.

Saturday Dan fixed the drip in our shower. That meant we had to have the water turned off for a couple of hours while he took the part across town to make sure he got the right one. It took longer for him to drive than for him to change it out. Good news is the drip is gone.

The neighborhood had a garage sale weekend. While we didn't participate, we did get a note that the Salvation Army was coming through on Monday to pick up things afterwards. So we got all our odds and ends and lots of Whitney tshirts ready for pickup. I had started going through stuff the week before but this saves a trip to the donation place.

Mother's Day was very nice. I had told church that I would be cutting back my volunteering during the summer and I stuck to it. I could tell they needed some extra help but I have made up my mind that I will enjoy the entire service with Whitney each week.

For dinner Dan worked with Whitney to help her learn how to make one of our favorite meals, Pork Milanese. And then for dessert we made s'mores outside in the firepit.

And then I stayed up too late watching the Revenge season finale. Very concerned what will happen to Nolan next year.

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