Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long Weekend - Nothing Done

I was so looking forward to a three day weekend. Unfortunately I got majorly sick Saturday afternoon. At first I thought I had overheated at the big tent they had to store tornado supplies. But after barely making it home without throwing up in the church parking lot and six hours later, Whitney got sick. So I knew it was a virus. I rarely get sick so this was very unusual for me. I almost went to the ER Sunday morning because I couldn't keep anything down and was afraid I was going to dehydrate.  But later on Sunday I just felt tired and the body aches left. Monday I weighed myself and had lost four pounds in two days. Crash diet I guess. I was able to do a little bit around the house yesterday but not a lot. Whitney just had the tiredness yesterday.

Of course after all that sleeping and laying around I couldn't sleep last night. I was late to work because I just couldn't move. I'm actually not sure how long I'll last at work today. Climbing one flight of stairs winded me. But I have some work that absolutely has to be done today so I'll get that done and then see.

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