Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Excitement

May is tornado season and tomorrow lived up to it. It started around 3 with a tornado about 40 miles north of us. That tracked for awhile and the storm chasers on tv were excited. Frankly I appreciate a calm voice and the normal station I watch just hired a rival stations big chaser who drives me nuts. So much for the calm voice. I can't even watch that channel anymore.

Anyway there was a storm popping up southeast of us but they weren't covering it much because of the bigger tornado on the ground...even though it was over sparsely populated areas. I wasn't too concerned. They even had to drag out morning meteorologists to go chase because all of the other ones were north of us. We kept watching and it was slow moving so we decided to just stay put for awhile. Northwest in town started to get baseball size hail so Dan decided maybe we would go drive away from the storm and pull Whitney's car into the garage. So of course we decide to do that just as it starts to pour. We drove about a mile east and it was clearing. On the radio they were saying a tornado hit our town near the lake which is about seven miles east of our house. We looked that way from the parking lot we were in and could see some rotation.

The big damage from this tornado happened about 30 miles east of us. A mobile home park was destroyed and one person was killed. Mobile homes are the worst place to be. Houses near them weren't heavily damaged.

This was how concerned our dog was before the storm hit. She just got excited to be riding in the car.

There might be another round of storms today.

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