Monday, May 6, 2013

What I Learned This Weekend

So in our never ending quest to improve the house, Dan had to fix a drip in our shower. I never pay attention to these type of things. But when he tried to turn the water off inside the house the knob wouldn't turn all the way. So a plumber suggested we get a key and turn off the water outside at the main line. Much cheaper to do it that way.

Lucky for us a friend has one so we borrowed it. When you think of key don't you think of something small? Well wrong. This is what the key looked like.

It is about 3 feet tall and made of metal. It has a hook at one end to take the big heavy lid off the line and then a little thing to turn the line off.

I got to be the turn off and turn on person. It was so easy. I used the speaker phone so I could Dan and I could communicate if he wanted it on and off.

The drip is sort of fixed (he probably needs a different part) but I learned how to turn the water on and off!


  1. CH made sure I knew where the water turn off is in our yard, but I don't know if I could do it or not. That's a good thing to know how to do!

  2. I know how to turn the water off to our house, but it is easy. No big tools are required. It is like turning the sprinkler on and off. That sounds like a Project.