Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reflections on A-Z

I added the I Survived the A-Z Challenge button to my blog because I feel like a survivor. You know why I'm a survivor? Because I finished it and at least 90 people ahead of me on the original sign up list didn't blog. I was number 599 on the original list and ended up at 511. I don't blame those people because you don't realize what kind of commitment you are getting yourself into.

I'll be honest, I went into this thinking piece of cake. I knew certain letters would be a challenge. I even wrote my X post first. I had a week's worth of posts written even before April started. And then life happened. I felt rushed on some posts. I tried to make them interesting but I just couldn't. I ran out of steam towards the end of the alphabet. Because really my W post about Whitney should have been so much better. And when I'm apologizing in a post about my sucky U-Umbrella you know I've hit the deep end.

I enjoy the randomness of my normal posts. When something strikes me, I write about it. I don't like being forced to a formula. I normally don't post on Saturdays. I don't like posting from my ipad. I felt I needed more photos and just didn't have them.

I did find some new blogs to follow. A lot of the people who signed up are writers and that doesn't interest me. So I was looking for people who blog like me. About life in general. Here's a few that interest me:

New House Girl - she did a month of wine posts!
The Happy Life Blog - she was random like me and I love it!
Tales of the TCKK Family - a month of Disney photos

There were a few others I've followed and I gained some new followers (THANK YOU!) so I guess it did serve a purpose to be a part of this. I'm over a 100 followers now which is huge for me.

So if you are new to my blog welcome. I'll be getting back to my random postings with occasional recipes, television reviews and just general life.


  1. I didn't realize I was suppose to go back and link the summary post! I just did it, though! So glad you found Cathy @ Tales of the TCKK Family! She's awesome!

  2. Congrats on the finish! I know I am pumped to have finished mine as well! You can check it out at

  3. I almost feel bad for the people who started following me thinking I was a big Pinterest blogger. Whoops. :)

    I also have a hard time finding blogs similar to mine, and honestly the blog hop has just gotten too big for me to keep up.