Thursday, May 9, 2013

TV Wrap UP

I just wanted to give a quick tv wrapup since we are coming to the end of many series.

Let's just say that the last ten minutes of Sunday's show were action packed (really a samuri swordfight and the lights going out in NYC) and I can't wait for the two hour finale this Sunday. They still haven't announced if they get a third season but I'm sure it will be around for next year. Although the creator is not going to be working on the show anymore. So I wonder where it will go from here.

The Voice
I keep catching parts of the show. So I'm not really following it, but Adam Levine sure knows how to recognize talent. I'm sure the winner will be someone he picked.

The Chew
Let's just say I watch this every day when I come home from work simply for the dynamics of the hosts. Carla, Michael and Clinton make my day. I could do without Mario and Daphne.

Person of Interest
I'm behind in this one by a couple of weeks. I always tape it because I have bible study that night and then don't watch it right away. But it is a very well made show.

Fashion Star
OK, here's my cheesey show. I only watch it online so as not to take up dvr space. And I skip a lot of it. My prediction is that Hunter wins.

What shows have I given up on this year? These shows have "jumped the shark."

Glee - just can't do it anymore.
Project Runway - I love Tim Gunn and he couldn't save a "team challenge" show.
Once Upon a Time - sorry Whitney, I just lost interest.

What am I looking forward too? Why So You Think You Can Dance of course! It starts up next week and when I saw who the all-stars were, I got really excited. For you see one of my favorite male dancers, Mark Kanemura will be back along with Twitch. I will leave you with previews of two of my favorite dances from the show featuring each of them.


  1. Tracy, I'm glad you shared Person of Interest. If I can, I'm going to find a way to add it to my list of shows to watch, but I don't think it's on Netflix just yet. I need lots of fun shows to keep me entertained over the next year! :)

  2. We watch Person of Interest every now & then, just because it comes on after a show we try not to miss.
    I lost interest in Once Upon a Time, too.
    I've got to get caught up on Revenge!!!
    This is the first time I've watched the Voice: I love how all of the judges get along with each other. I've also been watching "Call the Midwives" & "Mr. Selfridge" on PBS on Sunday nights. Oh, and don't forget about Scandal!!!