Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fragments

Joining up this week for Friday Fragments by Mrs. 4444.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Stupid criminal of the week is from Kentucky. Seems as if the manager of a supermarket found 57 empty whipped cream cans in the garbage when he came to open the store. They found the culprit in the ceiling of the store. Seems as if he cooked six steaks, had some beer, shrimp and birthday cake. He had hid in the store as the employees were closing up the night before. Did he not think that someone would notice 57 cans? How in the world can you eat that much whipped cream?

Did you hear about the ice tsunamis? It is crazy. The wind blew up big chunks of ice that enveloped houses.

The world of news is just crazy. Since when does anyone care that Prince Harry wore the same tie twice on his visit to the US? Really...when does this classify as news?

Taco Bell is working on a new product in limited release. It is a breakfast waffle taco. Scrambled eggs and sausage in a waffle folded up to look like a taco shell. Doesn't sound appetizing at all, does it?


  1. I heard about that guy eating in the grocery store over night.

    I also heard of an Indy bank robber who when the teller cried had her hit the button and he waited right there for the police to come arrest him.

  2. Actually, I think the waffle taco sounds good. Bacon instead of sausage though :)

    Also, the ice thing was so amazing. So glad it wasn't me though.

  3. People suck out the co2 or something in whipped cream cans to get high...explains why he is such a dummy:)
    The taco breakfast does not sound good to me either.
    What crazy weather...yikes!!
    Have a great weekend...

  4. That ice is kind of scary. Okay... well it's all kinds of scary.

    And while the breakfast waffle does nothing for me, I do love me a breakfast burrito on occasion.

  5. PRINCE HARRY WORE THE SAME TIE TWICE???? That just ruined my whole week! Hee hee!!

    With all the "other" news, that is sort of refreshing!