Friday, February 18, 2011

A change in Insurance

I just got back from changing our auto/home insurance. This is not a pleasant task. Insurance is one of those things you need, you don't want to think about, and you complain that it costs too much. Well we got tired of the auto insurance increasing for no reason. I decided to shop around to the other big insurance companies (after dealing with Geico for my car accident there is no way I wouldn't go to an all in one insurance company). And you would think people would want my business.

1. Company A (who I know people who use) never returned my call for a quote. Guess they make enough money so they can have snazzy tv commercials that I do find humorous without my money.

2. Company B was extremely nice, got me a quote within 30 minutes and gave me options. I like options.

3. Company C ended up not even quoting me the company's insurance. It was some other insurer. I didn't like that. If I get your name to sell me brand X I want brand X insurance.

Lucky for us Company B came in about $300/year less than our current insurance. I find it fascinating how they can be so much lower on auto but quite a bit higher on home. But still it is cheaper so we went with them. I just signed the papers and met my agent. Quite a novel concept since in three years with our old insurance I have never met the agent. In fact his office has moved twice and I only know that because I've had to track it down for various reasons.

Whitney has to watch the gruesome safe driver video again to get a discount but I'm sure she will be happy to do that when the alternative is paying for her own insurance.

Lesson learned today...return phone calls, be nice, and give options.  I'm hoping this is the start of a good long relationship.


  1. Did you not like GEICO? I have had them forever and they seem good.

  2. I've had a really bad run around on them settling my claim. They did take care of my car but aren't taking care of me. :(

  3. hard to find the right company....but love that our insurance man comes and sees us twice a year at least.

  4. I hate shopping around for insurance. It is always a pain.