Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

So my back hurts so I stayed home today. I can't wait to see a doctor next week and maybe get some idea why it won't feel better. Then it will be time to present the information to the lawyer and hopefully settle the car claim.

Scholarship applications are being filled out daily. Got two more off today. Crossing my fingers that the big one comes through so Whitney can go to OCU without us borrowing an arm and a leg.

I really hate this computer at home. There is so much music on it that it runs slow. Guess that's what happens why my husband is a music fanatic and his itunes is so large it would take him 3 months to listen to everything on it.

Watching a Top Chef marathon from an early season. I can't wait to tonight's shenanigans with a recipe stealing, deep fried mayo battle.  Yum.

Whitney's competition dance team lost two members in a week so now instead of small group they are a trio. Which is not good because they have to compete against a friend of hers now. Only good thing is we will be done on Friday instead of losing all day Sunday for the competition.

The sun is shining today so the dog is sunbathing. Her favorite way to sleep during the day.

Our small group at church has its second meeting tonight. I'm hoping that we get to know some of these people better. It is really nice because it is just a short walk around the lake to get there (once the weather is nice enough).

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  1. We are in the process of filling out scholarship applications too. College is so expensive. Sounds like a nice church group:)