Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We are just a bunch of woosies

Digging for clean water through ice
Today is round 2 of snowmageddon, snowpocolypse, snow event, whatever you want to call it. Everything in our universe is closed. I believe we got 4-5 inches of snow and it is about -15 wind chill. So yes it is cold.

But we are a bunch of woosies here. In the five days in the last two weeks we've been off (the snow makeup days for school are a bear) we watched a show called "The Alaska Experiment".  It was on the Discovery Network of channels.  For three months, four sets of friends/relatives went out in the Alaskan wilderness to fend for themselves. And it was winter. And it was freakin' cold. Like -40 regular without a windchill. These people had to provide all the wood to keep warm, go collect water to drink, kill animals for meat. Certain foods were provided (oatmeal, beans) and there were survival experts with them, but they were out there in abandoned cabins with no electricity and no running water. They had to go outside in these frigid temperatures to go to the bathroom. YIKES! One of the teams didn't even have a cabin, they had some kind of tent structure.

Can you imagine living in this?
They were taught to hunt. Two groups went on a moose hunt but didn't get anything and two went goat hunting. I can't imagine trying to climb 3000 feet of shaky rocks to try and shoot a mountain goat.  And then they had to gut the goat right there and carry over 100 pounds of meat back a day to get to the cabin. And worry about the bears that would be attracted to the smell of fresh meat.

The greatest worry I have today with cold weather is will I have enough movies to watch and will my chicken be done in the crockpot. We are such woosies when it comes to the weather.

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  1. Wasn't that the greatest show? I keep trying to convince my husband that we could live like that... he just laughs at me and the space heater I carry around.