Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Four Or Otherwise Known As "I'm Going Nuts" Day

So work and school were cancelled today again because of "dangerously low temperatures" and "hazardous road conditions." Plus we had a 20% chance of more snow. Well darnit I woke up this morning to fluffy snow falling for hours. The roads have gotten worse. My husband had an appointment this morning so he ended up going to Walmart to restock provisions. And he fishtailed his car trying to get into our driveway when he came back trying to avoid hitting Whitney's car parked here in the photo.  The rumor is going around that if the public schools can be closed for ten straight days "natural disaster" rules go into effect and they don't have to make it up.  Somehow I'm not buying that they will be home for another week.

We had planned on getting out of the house today and maybe going to the mall just to see other people. I love my family and with the internet I have "talked" to others, but the only voice other than these two people who live with me that I've heard is my boss asking me for things. I'm tired of that.

I'm doing laundry and found a pair of shorts to wash. Just six days ago we had record high temps of 76 degrees. That seems like a decade ago.

I may have to break out the special cleaning projects. My blinds might actually be dusted. Maybe I should go through the sock drawer and throw stuff away. Maybe I should go through all my cookbooks and recipes and throw away stuff I'll never try.

Please someone make this madness go away.

I like the hot tub in the snow but I don't think we can open the cover

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So you are a sister-snowoklahomian! lol
    I was not happy when it snowed again yesterday. I pray the sun shines bright today and the temps rise and we can all get out, you me and the town!