Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heat and Air Conditioning

Dear Heat and Air System,

While I appreciate the fact that you try to adjust for the outside temperature, you aren't very good at it. I understand that just a week ago we were at -5 degrees outside and you performed as admirably as possible providing heat. I did need to add a little with a portable heater, but that was understandable. Today is supposed to be 78 degrees. When I arrived you were very heat oriented (perhaps you were still on last week) and I felt like I needed to strip down. But I waited patiently for you to realize your mistake and stop blowing hot air. And you did. You switched to cold air. But now you will not stop the cold air and I fear that I will have to turn on my little heater. On a 78 degree day.

Please tell me when you will have figured out the correct way to treat the temperature so I know how to dress appropriately.


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