Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cheap Wine + Redbox movie = Fun Night

We made it out today! Woohoo.  I wasn't sure after one look at our road. We live on a cul de sac on a hill. Not a good combination during a snow/ice storm. Our road looks like a huge sheet of whiteness. There is no way my car could make it. Dan drove the CRV skillfully through the maze of cars. I have no idea why people insist on parking so there is barely enough space for a car to go through especially when there is no traction and somebody is going to hit them.

But we did make it out and once we hit the main roads, everything was clear. We hit lots of stores, with the crowd at Walmart incredible. I probably waited 20-30 minutes just to check out. Everyone had a full cart and all the lanes were open. So there wasn't anything needed but patience. Luckily I have plenty of that.

Once we got home, Whitney was lucky and had a friend come over who lives in the neighborhood. She no longer just had us to talk to. They had a fun afternoon of Wii Party.

Of course we decided that we needed to rent a movie (we didn't decide this on trip number 1). Machete is finally at the Redbox. So out we went again to get it and also go to the liquor store since I have one glass of wine left. I've been on a roll with getting the clearance wines. I figure paying $3.99/bottle will at least give me some cooking wine. But all of the ones I've picked out have been pretty good. I did splurge and get a couple of $9.99 clearance bottles but it was for something that I knew I liked. So I picked up two bottles of wine for $10 today.

Tonight we'll be watching Machete, I'll have a glass of white wine, and we'll be staying warm. It may snow tonight (we don't need that) and be close to freezing. I'm hoping that it stays above freezing and it rains instead. That would melt some snow because there are going to be huge ruts in the road of frozen slush.

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