Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3 of the Snow Adventure

So it is day three of being snowed in. So far I've changed the sheets, done as much handwashing I could fit on my sweater dryer, cooked dinner, surfed the internet, worked on a budget, taken many phone calls from my boss, discussed my settlement from a car accident last April and need to get a lawyer now, finished the financial aid form and tax forms. What do I do on day three? Hopefully getting out of the house will happen today. Whitney said she needs to talk to someone other than her parents. I feel like I'm starting to waste time. I have no books to read in the house. I could start a puzzle but the two I have don't inspire me. I could bake cookies but I really don't need three dozen cookies in a house of three. I could organize files but really I don't want to do that. Maybe I'll clean out my closet although it really isn't bad since I have no clothes.

Hopefully we will have work and school tomorrow. Although the thought of Whitney driving on slick roads is scary, I know she is going to have to learn to do it. And I will need to make sure my car won't get stuck in a drift since it is lower to the ground.


  1. UGH... we were "snowed in" for four days and it was too much! I hope you get out tomorrow.

  2. Wow - Nothing like being forced to get things done. I am working on financial aid for my daughter right now!

    PS having a giveaway of my Puerto Rico prints. Hope you'll join in.