Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Excess Security

I work in a building that has federal government employees (eventhough I work for a university). As such, we have to have the federal government regulations on security. Most of the time, it really isn't a big deal. We have to wear an ID and there is a token security desk at the front. The only way you can enter the building on my floor from the outside is with your id. Of course this is sort of stupid since when they built the building (it is only 5 years old) it has a ceremonial front entrance which is right on my floor and nobody can use it. It really confuses tour buses.

Well anyway, we have had to add a tree perimeter around the grounds to keep errant trucks from ramming into the building. (I know who would really want to hurt a bunch of weather people). And we have these huge boulders strategically placed around entrances also. All of our mail and packages have to be xrayed and stamped xrayed. That is always funny when it is a postcard and you can see the whole thing.

But a few months ago we had to have these huge metal ballasts installed at all the entrances. You know like the ones outside of mall entrances to keep cars crashing into the doors. Well these are retractable so as to not destory the beauty of the building unless the threat level increases. You know beauty is very important in a new building. So they tore out sidewalks and installed these things. They have been underground ever since. Well yesterday when I came in they were up. I asked the security guys did the threat level go up. Nope, no one seems to know why they are up. And no one seems to want to put them down. So we get to walk by these huge metal sticks. Very attractive.

Sometimes I wonder if all the money spent on stupid stuff like this would save someone's job. Or does it just create jobs by making more stupid stuff.

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