Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Heart Hibdons

Is it wrong to love a tire place? Whitney's car got a bolt (yes a bolt not a nail) in her front tire while she was driving home from dance last night. A ten o'clock phone call can panic the best of us especially since she had just sent a text saying she was on her way home. Luckily she was able to pull into a gas station that had lights on so she wasn't sitting in the dark. We got her car to Hibdon's Tires without problem. I was the lucky one to take her to school at 7:30 and wait for Hibdon's to open so I could give them the key. They fix tires for free! Within 30 minutes the tire had the bolt out of it and totally fixed. And it is FREE! Let me tell you they have done this a few times for us and I would never buy tires anywhere else. I also have them do any brake work.

I heart Hibdons!
This message is brought to you by me. No promotional consideration has been received for this message. (I've always wanted to say that).


  1. Very scary to get a phone call when your child is out.Don't think that will ever go away no matter how old they get.My mom still checks on me and I'm 40. Very glad it all turned out OK.

  2. I LOVE places like that. Here in Utah we're lucky enough to have two: Discount Tire and Les schwab.

    Hooray for good customer service!