Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cover Girl/Oil of Olay Foundation/Powder Review

I signed up to be a BzzAgent last year and this is the first time I've gotten a product to review. They have a variety of different campaigns. Basically you fill out lots of surveys and if you are the demographic that they want to sample, you can get an invite to try the product and then review it. Having a blog, facebook and twitter accounts definitely helps you out here.

The product I received was Cover Girl/Oil of Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation and Pressed Powder. We had three choices of colors so I picked the lightest one since I'm really fair skinned. I waited and waited for it to come. Finally it came last week.

First of all, they gave us full size samples. So if you liked it, boy were you in luck. The shade of my foundation was one darker than I normally get. So I had to work through that issue. I finally figured out if I used less I would be ok.

Pros - You use A LOT LESS of this than normal foundation. Trust me on this. Normally I use about four squirts of my normal Cover Girl foundation and this one I didn't even use a full squirt. It goes on and makes your skin feel very soft. There isn't a heavy feeling with this foundation. You don't feel like you are wearing something on your face.

Cons - Unfortunately for me there were cons. First of all my lines showed up WORSE with this makeup than normal. It is supposed to help fill in the lines but I don't know how that happens because when I add the powder it just looks cakey and made up. Not natural at all. The foundation itself isn't causing the problem...its the powder. I've read lots of reviews that love the powder. Maybe I'm not doing it right. I don't normally use pressed powder so maybe the application pad is putting it on wrong. Either way, I'm not happy about that. Second there is a lot of makeup that comes off on cell phones and kleenix. I don't like that I have to clean my phone every time I use it.

They sent me 20 $2 coupons to give out. Perhaps you are someone who this makeup will work for. If so I'm happy to mail you all of them. Just let me know.

Full Disclosure - I was provided with this product to review. Obviously the company isn't telling me what to say since it isn't all positive.

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  1. I'm sorry this didn't work out for you. I'm liking the foundation and will begin using the powder in a few days. I have to start with one and then add the other to make sure I'm not sensitive to one or the other. The foundation feels nice and smells nice.

  2. Cover girl is my make up of choice - has been forever. In fact my girls use it too.

    I know as we age and our skin is dryer with wrinkles that the creases will show up much more than when we were younger with smoother skin. The trick is to put on a good first "foundation" of moisturizer. Nothing heavy or greasy, just something for daytime use. And a good hint is to put a pea size amount in your palm [of the moisturizer] and an equal amount of the CG - mix it together and apply with a make up sponge. Always moving in an upward motion. Don't pull downward on your skin.

    I have fine lines around my eyes and smile lines by my mouth, but this works amazing. You may not think your skin is too dry, but hydration is the key to getting a good result out of the product I find.

    Another hint on the powder? Put some on the applicator and then blow on it hard. This will remove any of the loose powder that would cake on your face, but still leave you a sufficient amount to take smooth out the foundation layers.

    I am wearing make up in most of my recent pics [the car, the white hat, the day we left on vacation] and I think it came out nice. Some of those pics were taken hours after I applied the make up too.

  3. PS - compare those pics listed with the one of me in the hospital or a few days after I got out and was standing in front of my red door [not wearing make up] and you can really see a difference I think.

  4. I do not wear store bought makeup any more, just could not find the right shade. I have mine mixed for me. Costs a bit more but it is customized so if I get more sun or less, the makeup still looks natural.