Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hodgepodge - Truly hodgepodgy

Joining up with Joyce for this week's questions. Note question one refers to HER daughter and not MINE. Whitney doesn't blog.

1. I'm (Joyce) joining my daughter1 (Shannon) in the 101 in 1001 challenge. Essentially you create a list of 101 things you hope to do or accomplish in the next 1001 days. What's one thing you'd put on your list?
I've read Shannon's list and it is full of fun things, some accomplished easily and some she has to work at. I at one point had a list of a few things I wanted to do before I turned 40 and I only got one of them off the list. So I don't do too well with those things. But for these purposes I would say in the next 1001 days I would like to finish my kitchen remodel. I still need new counters and a new stove would round out the newness.

2. How many remote controls do you have in your house? What's one item in your home you wish could be operated by remote control?
I think there is six of them. Four for the living room devices (although we have everything programmed into a universal remote) and then two in the bedroom. I wish I could have a remote for the temperature control. The height it is at and the angle of the screen means I always have to get a chair or stepladder to try and read the little letters that say heat/cool. There are four settings so when i switch it I can't tell where it is. 

3. What does having it all mean to you? Is it attainable?
I think it means having everything to make you happy. So that is attainable. I don't think it refers to money or things.

4. What's your favorite movie soundtrack?
This is a tough question. I'm not a movie person but I know I sing along with songs all the time. So I'm going to pick A Chorus Line. Yes it was a musical first and the movie really wasn't that great. But I love the songs so much. I've had them memorized since the 70's when my cousin played it for me for the first time and taught me a little dance. My favorite is What I Did for Love. While not the movie version (totally choppy) here is the lovely Idina Menzel singing it with the composer Marvin Hamlisch.

5. Describe the best view you've seen from a rooftop.
I'm going to say the view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower at night.

6. What's your least favorite thing about summer?
Easy question...heat. Moving on.

7. Our weekly Hodgepodge falls on the first day of August. In ten words or less sum up your July.
Vacation awesome. Heat sucks. Whitney leaves in seven days :(.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Cool Olympic sports...archery (love the sound of whooooosh, thunk). Skeet shooting (2 golds for USA). White water kayak (scary but fun). Synchronized diving (how do they stay together).


  1. It has been hot and humid, I figure just another 2 or 3 months of it!

  2. LOVE Idina!! Thanks for the video!

  3. Hi!
    Hot and humid here too. I'm ready for fall. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. Your Paris pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I think I have a favorite view in every city I've ever been in, but the Eiffel Tower is definitely one of the best!

    I am fascinated by the synchronized diving too...the dives on their own are difficult but the precision is amazing. I told hubs I think I want a crew boat-it would kill my knees but I think it looks so cool.