Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Joining up with Mrs. 4444 for fragment time.

I think I've decided to bite the bullet and try to pass the Certified Research Administrator test this December. I don't remember how to study. This is going to be hard. 250 questions. I mean I know the answers instinctively to many of them but when you ask me what circular or federal notice is in force, I've got no clue. I just know how to do my job.

I also decided to go to the national meeting in November. I was trying to avoid it since it is in Washington DC on election day. Do I really want to be in DC on election day? Now I have to figure out how to vote early before I leave.

University classes start Monday which means all the students are back. That usually adds 5-10 minutes to any travel time around town.

Our church is expecting 1,000 new/returning students/people this weekend and next. Let me tell you ushering is going to be challenging on Sunday.

We went out to dinner for Dan's birthday and had the best carrot cake ever. The frosting wasn't overly sweet which happens a lot. And the cake didn't have the chunky texture that a lot of them do.

I started looking through recipes for things to make that I know Whitney doesn't like. This week was risotto. Next week will be some kind of Asian stir fry.

Have a great weekend everyone! It isn't going to be triple digits anymore here!


  1. "Research Administrator" - maybe the name doesn't apply well but I would think you should only need to show you know how to look up the answers. It's research.
    Love carrot cake but the crunchier the better.

  2. Take the test! There will be such a feeling of accomplishment once you finish it. I love Washington DC... look at the up side, not as many tourists!


  3. Curious why you want to make things you KNOW ahead of time Whitney doesn't like.

    Our little church of about 80 attendees on any give Sunday would be totally swept away by 1000 returning college students.